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The following material on Best Free Online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services came from . Please refer to that page for any updates.

I tested some of these free online OCR services and here is a list of the best ones.

  • OCR Terminal - Simple, fast and accurate conversion but limited to only 30 free conversions per account.

  • InstantOCR - multi-language OCR with support for more import/export formats then any other free online OCR service reviewed here.

  • P2EScan - uses java based uploading.

  • OnlineOCR - Fast and simple, use basic text-ocr without registration.

  • FreeOCR - fast and simple OCR requiring no registration but can only convert to plain text.

  • NewOCR - recognizes multilingual text from a scanned document or photo, handles image files in different formats, can process 29 languages and supports layout analysis, which means that it can interpret multi-column text.

While every service have their pro and cons I found OCR Terminal and InstantOCR most user-friendly, accurate and feature rich.