We begin with an aside:

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The purpose of this collection is to facilitate awareness on the part of the viewer who finds relatives featured here. For this to be effective, persons featured are best shown in various characteristic activities, different apparent frames of mind, and from multiple points of view. Realism, rather than an idealization, is intended. Candid and informal photographs, rather than portraits, predominate where possible.

If you feel that a privacy issue exists, call Frederick N. Chase at 617-388-5865 to address it. For a username and password to the below, call the same number or email 'webmaster@chasegalleryconnect.org'.

The coverage (quantity of images and other data) is uneven - partly because the scope of the collection is impossible to rationalize but partly because of a lack of photos I'd like to add. The focal core of material here can be seen as lying along an axis between myself, Fred Chase, and the family of Julia Adele Mathias and Charles Warren Chase. These two remarkable people both i) benefited from ancestors of substance and a country with enormous resources and ii) cared well for family and friends. The resulting panorama is well worth contemplating.

There are several types of information.

  1. Images.

  2. audio files,

  3. Reports generated from the genealogy data ( 'pedigree', descendant, relation and other) in PDF format. These are image-like (you see the first page) text documents.

There are several ways to access the information described above.

  1. To view the gallery of Images, click HERE. You are still in your web browser but now under the control of a special category browser. You use it to move among the categories and to move forward and back among the images in the current category. ( This browser inherits the capabilites of your regular browser, but overrides a few of its behaviors. Instead of using your browser's back button, click the special 'back' command.) You always are viewing one image at a time. A given image will appear in more than one category, if appropriate. It is shrunken enough so as to be accessed reasonably quickly.

  2. To view the archive of files, click HERE . It contains one copy of each master/archival file. The archival master may be too large for easy use, but it is the most faithful rendition available. You must infer what the file “is” from its directory (“folder”) location, name, and size alone.

  3. There is a normal web interface to some stories Fred told HERE. It gives a little more text information about them so you don't have to listen to it to know what it's about.

  4. The exported genealogical data file, in GEDCOM format, HERE. This file can be imported into almost any genealogy computer program.

  5. One or more data backup files, understandable to the Genealogy computer program (The Master Genealogist) which I have most recently been using, will be found HERE.

  6. The categories are a work-in-progress. Please report improvements/errors! A file showing every category and its files is HERE. Save it onto your computer then add a .txt suffix (for Windows) and open it with a simple ASCII text editor.

Each gallery image caption will display the file name and the 'IPTC' caption/abstract, if any, within an image. A second caption looks like this: Archived Original: §®§ . So, after you've found an image of interest in the special gallerybrowser, you can directly get the archived master copy. (by, e.g., doing right-click, save as ….)